David Aizenberg, Software Engineer
| +37068179798 | Vilnius, Lithuania
Software Engineer with a heavy focus on operations, hands-on approach and experience building robust and scalable systems
[Consulting] SecurEdge Networks (Charlotte, NC, USA), Software Consultant 2020-04-01 — Present
  • Development of software using NodeJS and Python
  • Streamlining of deployment between environments using Docker containers
  • E2E Testing using pytest, tavern and selenium
  • Development of auxiliary utilities for support engineers, both CLI and Web based
  • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting, 802.1X, EAP & RADIUS
"E-Farm" GmbH (Hamburg, Germany), DevOps Engineer 2018-01-31 — 2020-01-31
  • Hybrid (On-Prem and Cloud) infrastructure maintenance
  • Performance and Security notifications, log collection and analysis
  • Isolated network Environments and encrypted tunnels between deployments
  • Incident response & Reduced functionality failsafe applications
  • Docker based CI/CD, Blue-green deployments, miscellaneous developer tooling and automation
"E-Farm" GmbH (Hamburg, Germany), Lead Developer 2016-02-01 — 2018-01-31
  • Development and support of various internal applications, management of a remote team
  • Introduction of modern software development practices into the team workflow [git, CI/CD, Testing, Developer Environments, PITR]
  • Troubleshooting and performance profiling
  • Single Source of Truth & Point of Entry API
  • Breaking up of a monolith application into lean micro-service based architecture
  • Speed up of time sensitive user interactions by utilizing message queues and stateless micro-services
UAB "JT Company" (Visaginas, Lithuania), System Administrator 2014-01-01 — 2014-12-31
  • Deployment and maintenance of servers, personal computers and peripheral devices
  • Maintenance, updates and assistance with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X workstations
  • Deployment and maintenance of Linux Servers
  • Planing and implementation of security protocols, firewalls, private networks, configuration of network equipment
  • Component level electronics diagnostics and repair
System Administration: Software Management and Packaging, CI/CD and Configuration Management, Troubleshooting and Tracing, Containers and Orchestration, Load Balancing and Caching Proxies, Log and dump analysis, Cloud Computing, Networking, Scripting, Logging
Software Development: Software development, Front-End JavaScript, Security Topics, Version Control, Message Brokers, Maintenance of legacy code bases, Databases
English (Fluent) , Russian (Fluent) , Lithuanian (Advanced)